SWISSTECH Ruhrig 680 Lumen Headlamp

SWISSTECH Ruhrig Headlamp

The other day, I picked up a SwisscTech Ruhrig Headlamp to upgrade my search and rescue headlamp options. It’s a great headlamp, but it is discontinued, as I only found it at Walmart (it seems like you can still purchase it on eBay from a few¬†retailers). You may have to browse in-store- it doesn’t appear in stock¬†online. This headlamp would be a great option, and at the price point (you can find it between $29 and $39), it would be a perfect addition to your bug-out bag or other survival kit.

Features of the Swiss Tech Ruhrig Rechargeable Headlamp

  • Durable Aluminum and Rubber bumper
  • Weatherproof: IP54
  • Motion sensor
  • Focus and spread to offer spot and flood light
  • 5 Modes: High, Medium, Low, Red, and Red flash
  • High Rechargeable Batteries: 680 LM
  • High Batteries: 400 LM/3 H/100 M
  • Comfortable headband with non-slip rubber and wicking comfort pad
  • The extra headband on top for comfort and adjustment
  • Dual power (USB or AAA batteries)
  • Rechargeable 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 40-Inch USB-type C charging cable included
  • 3 AAA alkaline batteries requested (not included)

My favorite feature is the optional rechargeable battery and the option to use three AAA batteries. You can get more or less run time depending on your battery option. Three AAA batteries give you the best run time with this headlamp on low and medium settings. Its marketed 680 lumens (achievable only with the lithium-ion battery) is advertised to run for 3 hours on max. With three AAA, the maximum output is 400 lumens for 3 hours. 

Biggest Issues

So far, I don’t have many issues with this headlamp. The most significant aspect is that it could be more adjustable. With this headlamp, you can’t quickly light up the path right in front of your feet, which also means you risk shining your headlamp into other people’s eyes. Outside of this issue, it is a solidly built headlamp.

Can’t Find the Swiss Tech Ruhrig Headlamp?

At just under $45, the Coast XPH30R 1200 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Dual Power Headlamp with Twist Focus Beam and Magnetic Base is a great headlamp option. Unlike the Ruhrig, the Coast lacks a red light option, which is required for some search and rescue teams. A lower-cost option that does include a red light option is the Jexree 1500 Lumen LED USB Rechargeable Headlight w/Red Light.

About The Author

Zach is the owner of Pack & Paddle Expedition Co and He is an avid outdoorsman and survivalist, with more than a decade of experience exploring Michigan’s woods and waterways. He is currently a member of the Kent County Search & Rescue team, has two rescue dogs, and is a part-time emergency management student. We’re also building a fly fishing company called Bivvy Creek Fly Fishing!

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